Agendas, business papers and meeting minutes

Restricted access to Council meetings - COVID-19

As the global Coronavirus (COVID19) situation develops, Rous County Council is taking all necessary precautions to keep the community, councillors and our staff safe.

As such, Council must follow the directives of the Public Health Order (COVID-19 Gatherings) Order 2020 in relation to indoor gatherings. Due to social distancing requirements and the non-negotiable public safety directives in place, councillors are permitted to participate in meetings remotely via audio-visual link.

Unfortunately, the technology to facilitate remote public access is not yet in place at our Council for members of the public. If you wish to address Council, you are permitted to attend our meetings, but you must firstly make arrangements the day prior to the scheduled meeting by contacting our office on 6623 3800. You must identify the item on the agenda of the council meeting you would like to speak on, and whether you wish to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ the item.

Our meetings - time and place

Council meetings are held at Rous County Council Administration Office, Level 4, 218-232 Molesworth Street, Lismore commencing at 1.00pm every second month (excluding January). Any variation to Council's meeting timetable will be advertised on our website. When meetings are not scheduled to be held, Council will hold briefings or workshops unless, in consultation with the Chair, the General Manager determines that there is no substantial matter required for discussion.

Webcast of Council meetings

In accordance with Clause 5.19 of the Local Government Act 1919, webcast of our Council meetings will occur via audio recording.  Audio recording does not apply to parts of the meeting that have been closed to the public under section 10A of the Act.

Council meeting schedule 2020

  • 19 February
  • 15 April
  • 17 June
  • 19 August
  • 21 October
  • 16 December

Public forums: All applications to address Council during the public forum must be authorised by the general manager, and where possible, details of speakers are to be included in the Agenda. To speak at a public forum, a person must first make an application to the council. Applications to speak at the public forum must be received by 10am on the day of a Council meeting, and must identify the item of business on the agenda of the council meeting the person wishes to speak on, and whether they wish to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ the item. 

Further details regarding public forums are available in the Code of Meeting Practice document below.

Code of Meeting Practice

Code of Meeting Practice details rules and regulations on how Council meetings are conducted and details procedural matters such as motions, amendments and the general conduct of meetings.

Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct Procedures

Code of Conduct: Governing the conduct of Council officials including staff and Councillors. This Code should be read in conjunction with the Code of Conduct Procedures (see below).

Code of Conduct Procedures: A procedures document for the administration of the Code of Conduct. This document should be read in conjunction with the Code of Conduct (see above).

Please note that Council minutes are unconfirmed until the next scheduled meeting where they are formally adopted.

2020 Council business papers
19 February Business paper
Attachment: Richmond River Governance and Funding Framework final report
15 April Business paper
Tabled report: Commercial rental properties (COVID19) Mandatory Code
17 June Business paper Minutes
19 August Business paper Minutes
21 October Business paper Minutes
16 December Business paper Minutes


2019 Council business papers
20 February Business paper Minutes
17 April Business paper Minutes
19 June Business paper Minutes
21 August Business paper Minutes
16 22 October Business paper / Rous County Council Financlai Statements for ye 30 June 2019 Minutes
20 November (Extraordinary) Business paper Minutes
18 11 December Business paper Minutes


2018 Council business papers
21 February Business paper Minutes
21 March Business paper Minutes
18 April Business paper Minutes
16 May Business paper Minutes
20 June Business paper Minutes
No July meeting    
15 August Business paper Minutes
19 September Business paper Minutes
17 October Minutes
21 November Business paper Minutes
19 December Business paper Minutes


2017 Council business papers and minutes
15 February Business paper Minutes
15 March Business paper Minutes
19 April Business paper (supplementary report: Supply of contestable electricity Minutes
17 May Business paper Minutes
21 June Business paper Minutes
No July meeting - -
16 August Business paper Minutes
20 September Business paper Minutes
18 October Business paper Minutes
  General Purpose Financial Statements y.e. 30/06/2017  
15 November Business paper Minutes
20 December Business paper Minutes


For business papers prior to 2017, please contact Council's Secretarial team.