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Rous County Council is a county council constituted under the Local Government Act 1993.  Rous County Council has three main functions:

Bulk water supply: It is the regional water supply authority providing water in bulk to the Council areas.  A population of around 100,000 is serviced by this water supply system with the actual area of operations being approximately 3,000km2.
Weed biosecurity: Council undertakes a wide range of activities to combat the spread of noxious weeds across the local area.
Flood mitigation: Council is a flood mitigation authority operating across the local government areas of Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Richmond Valley.  


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Emigrant Creek

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Latest news and updates from Rous County Council.

Temporary closure of Rocky Creek Dam Water and Rainforest Reserve
4 October 2017

Temporary closure of Rocky Creek Dam Water and Rainforest Reserve

Rous County Council's Rocky Creek Dam Water and Rainforest Reserve at Dorroughby will be closed for two months from 24 October to mid-December while major upgrade works to the park amenity and carpark layout are undertaken. Read more...

Dewatering of Emigrant Creek Dam
3 October 2017

Dewatering of Emigrant Creek Dam

Maintenance works will be carried out on the Emigrant Creek Dam anchorage system over the coming weeks. To facilitate these works, water will be let out of the dam to reduce the dam's storage to approximately three metres below the full supply level. Read more...

Disability Inclusion Action Plan
27 June 2017

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

As a result of the introduction of the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, Rous County Council approved its first Disability Inclusion Action Plan on 21 June 2017. The plan is designed to support the community through recognising and removing barriers to access and inclusion wherever possible. Read more...