Calculate your water use

Rous County Council has partnered with Smart Water Advice, run by Smart Approved WaterMark, to provide you with helpful ways to save water in every area of your home.
Calculate your water use, compare to your water bill, and discover ways to save water and money.

Calculate your water use

The home water calculator takes you through each area of your home to determine your water use. This interactive online tool compares your usage to our regional goal of less than 160 litres per person per day.

To discover simple ways to save water, visit Save water indoors, Save water outdoors, or contact our Water Sustainability Officer on 02 6623 3800.

Concerned about your water use?
Contact our Water Sustainability Officer on 02 6623 3800 to discuss water saving options.

Take the 160 Litre Challenge

Challenge yourself to reach a target of less than 160 litres of water per person per day!
Click the image below to find out how.

Smart Water Advice is a national, not for profit, water efficiency program run by
Smart Approved WaterMark for water utilities and councils.