Water filling stations

Rous County Council has a network of 11 designated bulk water filling stations across the supply area of Ballina Shire, Byron Shire, Lismore City and Richmond Valley councils.  These 11 stations are designated for commercial bulk water carriers.

Water carters are required to register with Rous County Council and obtain a 'Permit to draw water from designated water filling stations'. The water filling stations operate under a system supplied by Avdata Australia.

Please click here to view the water carter (potable drinking water) listing.

General information

Designated water filling stations

Alstonville Kays Lane (road to Industrial estate) All other points in Alstonville closed.
Ballina Southern Cross Drive (near Council Depot) All other points in Ballina closed.
Bangalow Cnr. Granuaille Crescent and Rankin Road All other points in Bangalow including the Industrial Estate closed.
Clunes Mackie Road All other points in Clunes area closed.
Coraki Sheehan Road All other points in Coraki area closed.
Knockrow Ross Lane (cane pad) All points in Newrybar, Tintenbar, Knockrow closed.
Lismore (South) Krauss Avenue All other points in Lismore closed.
Nimbin Cecil Street (near Showground) All other points in Nimbin closed.
Tyagarah Near Airstrip All points in Ewingsdale closed.
Wardell Recreation ground off Bath Street (Road to Alstonville). All other points in Wardell closed.
Woodburn Beach Road (Woodburn Bore site) All other points in North Woodburn/Beach Road area closed.

Bulk water carriers supplying potable water

Water carriers supplying potable drinking water will be issued with monthly usage accounts payable within thirty (30) days from the date of issue. Failure to pay within the specified period may result in access to the filling station being declined. New water carriers must complete a 'Credit account application form' which is available from Rous County Council.

The NSW Health Guidelines for Water Carters’ specifies the obligations water carriers must comply with, and a copy of this document is available on the NSW Health website. As per the guidelines, water carriers will be added to Rous County Council’s register of water carriers.

Water carriers supplying non-potable water (pre-paid customers only)

Water carriers that are not approved for potable water delivery will be required to register as a pre-paid water carrier (some exceptions may apply for roadwork carriers or other users and will be assessed upon application).

All pre-paid water carriers will need to pay in advance of their usage. Usage will only be available from a nominated water filling station. Separate payment in advance will be required for access to any additional water filling stations. When the credit limited is close to being used the ‘invalid/not valid light’ will flash when the last 1000 litres has been reached.

In the event that a pre-paid water carrier’s account is no longer required, any outstanding pre-paid credit will be reimbursed upon return of the undamaged access key.

Avdata access key

Avdata access key charges

The first issued Avdata access key per permit is free of charge. Additional Avdata access keys is as per Council's Council's fees and charges.

Lost or stolen Avdata access key

A replacement fee, as per Council's fees and charges, will be charged for damaged, lost or stolen Avdata access keys. Water carriers should report lost or stolen Avdata access keys to Rous County Council immediately on (02) 6623 3800 as your account will need to be disabled.

All costs associated with water purchased via a stolen Avdata access key will be the responsibility of the Avdata access key holder up until the time of notice to Rous County Council of the stolen Avdata access key.

Portable standpipes

Portable standpipes can no longer be used in the Rous County Council region of Ballina Shire, Byron Shire, Lismore City and Richmond Valley Councils.  NSW Fire Brigade and local councils are exempt from this requirement.

Pedestrian safety

Water carriers are required to complete a risk assessment prior to filling from designated water filling stations. Filling is to be undertaken in a manner to minimise obstruction of the footpath and take all safety precautions including the positioning of safety cones to prevent the risk of tripping hazards or injury to pedestrians.

Vandalism and cabinet security

To minimise the interruption to bulk water carriers it is important that all damage as a result of vandalism or unauthorised use at the designated water filling stations is immediately reported to Rous County Council’s Service Enquiry Group on (02) 6623 3800.

Rous County Council may have security cameras present and recording at each designated water filling station.

General enquiries / faults

Council’s Administration Office is open between 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

For information in relation to the application process or designated water filling station system, please contact:

  • Rous County Council's Service Enquiry Group
    (02) 6623 3800

To report a problem with a designated water filling station, please contact:

  • Rous County Council's Service Enquiry Group
    (02) 6623 3800 (business hours)
    (02) 6626 6955 (after hours)

Customer agreement

To use Rous County Council’s filling stations it is necessary for customers to enter into an agreement with Rous County Council.

In completing and signing the 'Permit to draw water from designated water filling stations', the water carter agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. To take water only from designated water filling stations for the intended use marked on the permit.
  2. That the use of portable standpipes in hydrants (Fire Brigades and councils exempt) is prohibited and will result in the immediate cancellation of the permit and possible prosecution.
  3. I am wholly responsible for the Avdata access key issued to me (including the loss or damage of the key).
  4. I am liable for purchases issued to my account and that failure to pay my account within the specified period may result in access to the designated water filling stations being denied.
  5. I have read the 'NSW Health Guidelines for Water Carters' and recognise carting drinking water poses extra responsibilities.  I shall abide by those guidelines.
  6. I agree to have the water tank inspected and approved by an appropriate authority.
  7. I understand that a water carter carrying potable water for human consumption is classified in the Food Act 2003 as a ‘food business’ and I must notify the NSW Food Authority of the business activity details.
  8. Designated water filling stations may be monitored through the use of surveillance cameras.
  9. That on becoming aware of vandalism or suspected vandalism of designated water filling stations I will immediately notify Rous County Council.
  10. That these 'Terms and conditions of permit and the general information' provided may be varied subject to thirty (30) days written notice being provided to me.
  11. The permit may be withdrawn or suspended by Rous County Council at any time without notice.
  12. Designated water filling stations may be closed by Rous County Council at any time without notice.
  13. The permit fee charge for water carriers is as per Council's fees and charges.