Water restrictions

Everyday Water Saving Measures are recommended in all areas supplied by Rous County Council. Check with your local council for water saving measures in areas not supplied by Rous County Council such as Wardell, Mullumbimby, Nimbin and Casino.

Everyday Water Saving Measures

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting that a strong El Niño event is likely to persist until the first quarter of 2016 peaking in December. During El Niño events we are likely to experience below-average spring rainfall and increased spring daytime and night-time temperatures through to its peak. This rise in temperatures coincides with an increase in water use particularly in lawn maintenance and landscaping. 

The Regional Water Management Strategy outlines when restrictions are introduced and details the water restrictions for each level from 1 to 7. Level 1 water restrictions are introduced when the water level in Rocky Creek Dam falls below 60%.

For more information about water restrictions, contact us by calling 02 6623 3800.