Integrated planning and reporting

Draft Delivery Program/Operational Plan (incl. 2018/19 Budget estimates, Revenue policy, Fees and Charges)

Submissions invited up until 9.00am, Thursday, 14 June 2018 by mail Attn: General Manager, Rous County Council, PO Box 230, Lismore 2480 or by email at:

For a copy of the Draft Delivery Program/Operational Plan document please click here.

A copy is also available for inspection at Rous County Council Administration Office, L4, 218-232 Molesworth Street, Lismore (8.30am-4.30pm Monday-Friday, excl. public holidays). 


Integrated Planning and Reporting (‘IP&R’) was introduced by the NSW State Government in 2012 as part of the Local Government Reform Program. IP&R brought about wholesale changes which affected strategic and operational planning, and also how Councils must report on performance and delivery of actions.

Our IP&R framework has been developed in consultation with constituent councils, having specific regard to their community strategic plans. Our IP&R framework identifies Council’s main business activity priorities for at least 10 years from when the plan is endorsed, and establishes strategic objectives together with methods for achieving those objectives. The framework is designed to provide an integrated forward plan; setting out what Council will do, how it will do it and how its performance will be measured and reported. Financial management, people management and asset management are all included in this planning.

A copy of Council’s current suite of documents may be found below:


IP&R framework 2017-2021 (Business Activity Strategic Plan; Resource Strategy; Delivery Program/Operational Plan)

Workforce Management Plan 2017-2021

Financial Planning 2017

Asset Management Plan 2017