Future Water Strategy

Our region’s existing water sources can comfortably meet demand for water in the short to medium term. However, it is essential and responsible to plan for our region’s longer term needs.

To maintain a sustainable water supply for the region, Rous County Council has developed the Future Water Strategy. The Future Water Strategy will guide long-term water planning and provide certainty about water needs and infrastructure development over the coming decades.

Over the next 50 years, changes to climate and rainfall patterns are expected to reduce the reliability of rainfall for the region. At the same time, water use is forecast to increase as population grows.

Based on these predictions, by around 2024, demand for water will match what current sources can reliably supply.

By 2060, expected demand would exceed reliable supply by 6,500 megalitres per year, or approximately half of our current supplies.

To meet the shortfall, a combination of improved water conservation and new water sources are proposed over the next 10 years.

The Future Water Strategy outlines three key actions to ensure future water security:

  • Key action 1—Maximise water efficiency through demand management and conservation.
  • Key action 2—Investigate increased use of groundwater as a new water source.
  • Key action 3—Investigate the suitability of water re-use as an additional new water source.

The Future Water Strategy was prepared in consultation with the local community, councils and interested groups, through a Project Reference Group – outlined in Action 1 below.

If you have any questions about the Future Water Strategy email council@rous.nsw.gov.au.

Future Water Strategy Overview