Projects, assets, and management plans

Rous County Council (RCC) [Formerly Richmond River County Council], in conjunction with landowners and other key stakeholders, routinely prepares management plans relating to our flood mitigation activities and natural resource management activities.

The two standard types of plan are:

  1. Floodgate Management Plan (FMP)
  2. Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP)

Floodgate Management plans cover the safe operation of key floodplain infrastructure, and typically refer to floodgates. These plans are developed in consultation with key stakeholders, such as landowners and/or land associations with a floodgate on their privately owned land. FMPs provide structured guidelines on items such as when a floodgate may be opened or shut, if water or other monitoring is required at the site, and whether the floodgate may be operated by the landowner or RCC staff only. These FMPs are signed by landowners and RCC staff, and full WHS training is provided where necessary.

Natural Resource Management plans provide an overview of specific natural resource management (NRM) projects. These NRM projects may be funded by state or federal grants, with some requiring matching Council contributions and may be completed solely by RCC, or in collaboration with one or more NRM organisations or local government bodies. NRM projects undertaken by RCC provide environmental benefits that will directly benefit the quality of our catchment, and have a clear run-on effect to reducing erosion and improving water quality in the Richmond catchment and floodplain.

Council has made available a selection of key plans outlining both floodgate operation in the Richmond catchment and natural resource management projects that are completed or currently underway on the floodplain.

These plans have been made available to enhance community access to information on Council’s activities in the Richmond catchment and/or floodplain, and can be downloaded or viewed in PDF format below.

We endeavour to uphold our organisational values of Integrity, Commitment, Trust, Social Responsibility, and Accountability in numerous ways, including ongoing engagement and communication with the community.

Please note, all identifying or personal information in relation to works or infrastructure on privately owned land has been removed from these plans.

Projects Management plans
2015 Riparian Project Summary Creek Rehabilitation - Bora Creek
Albert Park East Coraki
Ballina Road Bridge, Lismore Pelican Creek
Bora-Codrington Groundwater control Mynumi Lagoon
Coopers Creek, Bexhill Bora Creek
Duck Creek DPI, Ballina Tuckombil Canal - Report
Empire Vale Riparian Planting Tuckombil Canal - Appendix A
Houghlahans Creek, Ballina Tuckombil Canal - Appendix B
Empire Vale Pilot and Rocky Mouth Creek Fish Escape Tuckombil Canal - Appendix C
  Tuckombil Canal - Appendix D
  Tuckombil Canal - Appendix E
  Tuckombil Canal - Appendix F