Active floodgate management

For the past 18 years, Council has worked cooperatively with landowners, the sugar cane industry and NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries to actively manage floodgates across the Richmond floodplain.

Active management refers to the opening of floodgates during non-flood periods to allow tidal water to exchange between the river or creek and the drainage system. This improves drain water quality and enhances aquatic habitat and allows fish passage.

Council has an Active Floodgate Management Plan for each of its floodgates that are actively managed.

These plans detail:

  • how active management can assist in reducing the floodgate’s environmental impact
  • a strategy for how that will be monitored and achieved
  • when the floodgate will be opened and returned to its operational position or state, and by whom
  • safe operating procedures for volunteers and Council staff
  • how adverse effects on current land use will be identified and prevented, and
  • additional management strategies for the drainage system that would further reduce the environmental impact of flood mitigation.

Council acknowledges that active floodgate management is a cooperative exercise between itself as the Flood Mitigation Authority and landowners. Council thanks landowners on the Richmond floodplain for their continued support of this important activity.

Active Floodgate Management plans:

Boggy Creek, 2019-2022

Bora Creek, 2019-2022

Haughwood Canal, 2019-2022

Rocky Mouth Creek, 2018-2021

Sandy Creek No. 1, 2020-2023

Wades Canal, 2019-2022

West Coraki Canal, 2020-2023

Status of Council-implemented Active Floodgate Management plans

Active Floodgate Management Plans can be implemented by volunteer landowners or Rous County Council operators. Who implements each Plan is decided on a site-by-site basis in consultation with the relevant landowners.  

Rous County Council currently manages three Plans. The remaining Plans are implemented voluntarily by landowners. 

As at 10 March 2020, the status of the floodgates Council manages for tidal exchange is provided below.

System Modification Status Reason
Bagotville Barrage, Tuckean Sluice window in three floodgates. 1 sluice open 200mm. As per Active Floodgate Management Plan.
Rocky Mouth Creek Winch on six floodgates. Open. As per Active Floodgate Management Plan.
Boggy Creek, Bungawalbyn Sluice window in one floodgate. Sluice fully open. As per Active Floodgate Management Plan.